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Sensory Squishy Bag Lesson Plan

Sensory Squishy Bag Lesson Plan Posted on July 2, 2017Leave a comment

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This is a very easy activity to do with your little one! It covers all main areas of development that we always desire to foster to our babies. The great thing about this activity is it didn’t cost me a cent! You will only need water, food coloring (or use these), flour, a zip lock bag, and some duct tape. Just click here > squishy-sensory-bag1 or on the document below and you will have all your instructions. It’s in an easy access two-page document to help you give your kiddo the best learning and support they need!squishy-bag-lp-pic

You also can use hair gel or an Aloe Vera gel instead of flour. I think I might do that next time with Little L because then it will last a little longer.

We didn’t do this with Essie, but you can always add smooth items inside of the bag so the kids can feel and discover the texture! If you choose to stick with flour it can become a game to see what items you’ve hidden in the bag!



If you have any questions or comments just let me know down below. I’d also love to hear from you if you’ve tried it! Thanks, I hope you enjoy!


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