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Cleaning Up. Day 17

Cleaning Up. Day 17 Posted on July 3, 2017Leave a comment

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Happy Valentine’s Day… Err I mean week! 😉

(Warning!! This post may contain large amounts of mushy love being displayed.)

Asa and I came down with a head cold and poor LeEssa is having tummy troubles. (Hence, the extremely late post.) So, our Valentine’s is staying in the house all cuddled up with a warm cozy blanket.

Over the weekend Asa ended up getting sick with a head cold and he did everything to make sure that Essie wouldn’t get sick. (So sweet!) But, unfortunately, my immune system just couldn’t hold up to the pressure it was under and I too ended up with the head cold. Luckily, it hasn’t been that bad.

But, now that I am sick I see how utterly terrible of a host I am!! I’ve always said I’m a terrible host, but this really revealed my true colors.

Since my husband and I started dating he has always insisted that he get me a drink, give me my plate first, wait until I took the first bite, and hold open my car door just to name a few. You could say I’ve become pretty accustomed to these benefits!

But, when Asa got sick and it was time for me to shower him with gifts of sacrifice I had a tough time seeing what he needed or where I could just be there for him so he didn’t have to do anything.

Through this, I’ve realized I’m a selfish person and it’s something that I may not have reflected on, had I decided to continue the lifestyle that I was living.

Just to prove what a great husband I have here is a little story…

Asa and I share duties in taking care of our daughter. He had put her to bed to let me get some extra z’s because we noticed that I was getting this head cold. So after he fed her and put her to bed he decided to catch up on some sleep for himself. Later into the night, Essie woke for her feeding and my husband heard me mumbling and groaning because I had an incredibly stuffy nose and a sore throat. So,  he let me sleep and got up to take care of her. He mentioned to me that after feeding her he’d just go downstairs and would get ready for work.

A few hours later Essie woke back up, so I took her downstairs and like Asa had said he was getting ready for work. But, to say Good Morning to her before heading out and to help me he took Essie so that I could get her a bottle. I walked into the kitchen past the table and turned the light on. Once the light was on a noticed this:


My very own ammunition pyramid to fight this cold! Instead of getting a little extra sleep when he got up with LeEssa, which was around 5:30, he went to Giant Eagle and hand picked out items that I would like. When he was sick I didn’t think of that! How nice is he?! But, that’s not all! After a long hug I turned to get her bottle out of the fridge and noticed this:


Ginger Ale! And it was the cute little can kind! Also, it was diet! (Asa isn’t the biggest fan of sugar substitutes.) I say was because I devoured each of these cans within the day… don’t judge. 😉

Asa and I don’t normally boast about our relationship, but I had to share. As mentioned before, through this journey I am trying to pay special attention to things that add value to my life. My husband certainly does add value to my life! I gotta say… I’m pretty #blessed! Thanks for letting me share this little gem of a story and for boasting about my awesome hubby!

Until next time…


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