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Cleaning Up. Day 1

Cleaning Up. Day 1 Posted on July 3, 2017Leave a comment

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Day 1 = success.

In order to reach my goal, I must have smaller successes to get me through. But, to get to smaller successes I must be proactive about what steps I take. Therefore, I’ve decided that each day will be devoted to one aspect of my life that can be ‘cleaned up’.
For example, Tuesday through Friday I will be sharing with you the three areas of my home, personal, and entertainment life that needs to be changed. Each weekday will focus on a specific area.

Tuesday: Updates

Wednesday: Entertainment life

Thursday: Personal life

Friday: Home life
So, yesterday I focused my attention on entertainment. If you caught my last post, you now know, I live and breathe in front of the TV during the day. I have a little one who eats A LOT. Ergo, I sit in one spot. A lot.

You see, my husband and I truly focus on our communication with one another. I believe that between two people there is a void or a space that constantly needs to be filled. How the void is filled entirely depends on the two people. Asa and I choose to fill our space with conversation and communication as much as possible.

Before Essie was born, we chose not to have a TV in our living room because it was a major distraction for us. Due to the circumstances that has now changed and the TV helps me pass the time when my hubby is at work.

So, the thought of getting rid of the TV crossed my mind, but I thought, instead of throwing the TV out the door (metaphorically) ;), why don’t I use this as a tool to add value to my life? Well, Lenzil, that sounds like a GREAT idea!

I set a time for this activity, so it minimally affected my time throughout the day. Instead of TV being a constant I chose to watch a documentary only during the times that I needed to feed LeEssa. Therefore, I’m still learning, but entertained at the same time.

I was amazed at not only what I could accomplish, but also how I felt. I had wonderful energy and I smiled a lot more than I had in a long time!
This is a breakdown of what my day ended up looking like:
-Watched a documentary on plant-based diets.

-Spent more time than ever with my daughter (we practiced rolling over and now she can do it!)

-Connected with family and friends

-Made dinner

-Did devotions


VS. Regular Day

Watching TV

Feeding LeEssa

Spend time with my daughter

Wow… seeing it on paper really makes me think what else can be accomplished. If this is what it looks like by changing one aspect of my life I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds! I hope you come back to hear what happens next!

Do you have any awesome transformations? I’d love to hear how minimalism or KonMari method has changed your life!

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