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Cleaning Up. Day 5

Cleaning Up. Day 5 Posted on July 3, 2017Leave a comment

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Ahh the weekend… one step forward…two steps back!

The last update I had given was of wonderful bliss about how things were going well! Well, I was and I still believe I’m on the right track to cleaning up my life through a modified/blended version of The Minimalists and the Konmari Method. But, it seems like anytime one tends to do good in their life, inevitably something bad happens.

At the end of my first day of “Clean Up”, I came to the basement of our house to work out. Before I turned the corner at the bottom of my stairs I pause, hearing a blip, blip, blip. Being in the house alone my heart started to race with several different possibilities running through my head.

“Have I locked the door, could anyone get in?”

“The dog is upstairs he hasn’t knocked anything over.”

“Have I left the faucet running?”

Just then I remembered we had been having plumbing issues throughout our house. This made my heart start to race even more so! I turned the corner only to see where the “blip” was coming from. Water flowed from the ceiling to the baseboard of one of our basement walls. If the event wasn’t problematic, you’d think it was an inspirational waterfall that inspires one to look within themselves. Unfortunately…this did not have the same effect.

So, scared, nervous, worried, as any first-time home-owner wife would be, I text my husband to hurry home. 🙂

The following days were filled with no showers -so dirty mommy, daddy, and baby, full bladders, no drinking water, torn down walls, plumbers sawing out squares within our ceiling, but luckily fixing the pipe! Our plumbing issues were now resolved and Asa and I are as happy as can be!

You may be asking, “what does this have to do with cleaning up your life?” Well, during those few days of not having water and not showering and so many…oh so many chances to get angry and upset, I truly didn’t! Having the chance to reduce the amount of TV I regularly would watch, I have been able to give my time to devotions! Each day I dealt with what could have been a catastrophe I was able to relate the situation back to my devotions… it was just what I needed.

Having a little one, a house, a dog, and a husband can take up a lot of someone’s time, but I’m glad that this lifestyle change has been placed on my heart. I can now put my focus back into what really matters.



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