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Cleaning Up. Day 9

Cleaning Up. Day 9 Posted on July 3, 2017Leave a comment

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Today was a struggle. My energy is starting to waiver and I fear that I have taken on too much, but I know that I need to do this not only for myself but for little L too.

Having kids completely changes what your goals are in life. I never noticed how utterly sick and selfish I am. Luckily, GRACE is on my side, but that’s a whole different kind of post! 😉

Nine days of watching documentaries had really gotten to me… there really is only so much information I can take. While trying to be open minded I tend to take any bit of information I ingest and apply it my life. With almost 11 documentaries on food, government, and exercise, I’m a little overwhelmed with the changes that I feel I need to make in my life. So, today I went without the documentaries (it only took me trying three different ones to realize that I was tired of the noise). The day called for a good dose of quieting my thoughts. Instead, I got to do this fun project with Essie!

She was a great little helper! 😉 This project didn’t cost a thing because it only requires household items you already have. I found it here.

AND I got to demo some of the house!! Although I did need Asa’s help getting the rest of the door frame off… I’m just too weak for that!

We eventually would like to remodel our house in a very budget friendly way (hence the torn off wallpaper residue), but this was not the reason for ripping off the door frame to our kitchen…

When the hubby and I moved into this 1950’s cape cod house we were blessed with the original appliances. Yup, that means built in double oven, glass stove top, an off-white dishwasher, and the b.e.a. utiful matching refrigerator…

My husband and I have a love-hate relationship with this fridge. From the moment we bought the house the darn thing liked to announce that it was shutting off by making a noise that can only be described as … a large body falling down the stairs. Yes. It was that startling. Every 20 to 90 minutes we would be graced by the thud, thud, thud.

This noise became a sound of home and even our little one didn’t react to it, but this machine decided that it was no longer needed here. At least it gave us a fair warning with the thuds becoming a continued painful rumble and groan mixture… if only you could hear it.

Thankfully we had purchased a warranty with the house and had the fridge looked at. It was confirmed that we needed to get a different one and the warranty service would cover us for a same but newer model, but we definitely wanted to spring ourselves into the twentieth century and we upgraded!

After a long search, we found a fridge that would fit perfectly under our top cabinets and we still were getting a lot more cubic feet than our current fridge. Everything seemed perfect until the delivery man came…

He walked through the door and while measuring he said everything looked like it would be ok. He lied. 🙁 Every door frame going into our kitchen was too small for the new fridge to fit through.

With a call to the hubby and a quick meeting with the delivery man, we all decided that a frame needed to come off or we would need to get a new fridge… Ugh.

So, after the delivery man left I took it upon myself to take the frame off. There is a lot of patching that we will need to do, but by golly, we got it in the kitchen! Isn’t it glorious?!

(Please don’t mind the crazy wallpaper… it’s ALSO original to the house…)

So, here comes tomorrow and what the day holds. I can’t wait to see what adventures I will get myself into and how my distractions will remain at bay. Stay tuned!

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