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Choosing Love

Choosing Love Posted on July 6, 2017Leave a comment

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In my time spent with God today, He didn’t reveal, but more or less he reminded me of an important goal I have been trying to achieve. Since starting my daily devotional time I have been trying to focus on ‘getting rid of distractions’, but as my dog sits next to me choking on his bone- I find that it is not possible to rid oneself of distractions. So… What do you do?

I believe that it’s not a matter of ridding oneself of distractions, but more or less the act of simplifying one’s life.

As a guilty pleasure, I enjoy watching HGTV. One featured show, Tiny House – Big Living, focuses its attention on changing the size in which he and/or she lives. Many people have said that they want a tiny house so that they can focus their attention on other things that matter. 

Our minds are constantly thinking, going, moving, and consumed by things around us. Instead of looking at ways to change what we are thinking about, what would it look like if we simplified our thoughts, actions, and possibly even our aspirations?

Maybe it would be too overwhelming for our minds to handle. All that time on our hands and mental space that’s needed to be filled….? Or would it be calming and centering?

I believe that our results would differ due to what steers us. Let what steers you be Love. Let Love guide you through the storms.

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