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Cleaning Up.

Cleaning Up. Posted on July 6, 2017Leave a comment

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Change starts with an honest look.

Yesterday, Asa and I watched a documentary that I believe will change my life, at least I am hopeful. In my mind, the documentary, The Minimalists, challenged the idea that American Society consumes far more than what the average person needs.

About five minutes into the doc our little girl decided that it was bedtime, so my husband and I trudged upstairs as sleep weighed on our eyes as well and put her to bed. The half hour that followed was filled with unknown noises around the house and Asa running up and down the stairs with random objects in his hands.
After successfully putting her to bed I crept down the stairs and walked into the living room only to find where the once folded clothes laying on every surface was now spotless. My sweet husband had not only moved the clothes to the respectful bedrooms, but he also moved the furniture, AND made my daughters formula for the night.
You see, although we were only impacted by five minutes of minimalism, we were impacted and… in a big way.

After watching the documentary, everywhere I looked in the house felt chaotic and busy. I thought about my daughter and the amount of TV she and I were listening to and watching daily. I thought about the food I tend to eat when I just sit there, the missed opportunities, the time, and the money that is just being wasted because I need ‘stuff’ in my life. I felt like I had an anvil weighing on my chest.

It’s not just the goods in my house that I want to part with but it’s the information I’m putting into my head that I need to part with. Whatever I encounter needs to add value to my life. You see, I want to be happier.
Are you not happy lenzil? Yes, I am but I don’t know if I’m joyful and fulfilled. I know, right now, that things in my life are more important than the people in my life.. and this includes God.

So, I want to start a journey that will add value to my life. I not only will be referring to The Minimalists’ view, but also to the Konmari Method, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I have not yet read this book, but I will. I will also read The Minimalists’ book, Everything That Remains.

I’ll document each day and I will focus on 3 areas of my life. My home life, my entertainment life, and my personal life.
When evaluating my home life I will be going through all rooms and clutter areas in our house to examine what things add value to my families life, and which do not. The husband will be consulted of course. 😉

For my entertainment life. I will focus on what activities I do to fill my time. For example, I currently watch a lot of TV (even though we don’t have cable), so I will need to find activities that will help fulfill me and my time.

Last, I will tackle my personal life. You may say, well these are all personal. Yes, I agree, but I want to primarily focus on my health. How can I minimize and add value to what I am doing to my body, mind, and soul?

I am going to document this messy, chaotic, humbling, and fun transformation for the next year and see where it takes me. I’m sure I’m going to fail… a lot, but I may have a little bit of success here and there. I know I can reach a new found joy for myself and for my family. I’m scared, but I’m ready. Are you?

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