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DIY: Hanging Plant Display ($7 Project)

DIY: Hanging Plant Display ($7 Project) Posted on July 6, 20171 Comment

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As an attempt to create a home instead of just living in a house, I am trying to start small with my house renovations and DIY projects. Needing to be intentional about what projects I choose due to the pregnancy, I thought some hanging plants would be a great way to start livening up the place!
FINAL hanging plants
Hanging plants in my bay window

On Pinterest, I came across this beautiful display of wall hanging plants on the Growing Spaces blog.

Wall of hanging plants | Growing Spaces
Growing Spaces wall display of hanging plants
This was a very easy project and only required a few materials. In all, I only spent $7 on this project! Here is a breakdown of materials, steps, AND Pro’s and Con’s to consider.
materials for hanging plants
  • Drill (or hammer – depending on where you will be hanging the plants. If you’d like to hang them from the wall you may be able to use a hammer and nails. We picked up this drill at Lowes a few years back, so no cost was spent on this item.)
  • Scissors (they were kid scissors from teaching, but hey they did the job and it was at no cost to me. 🙂 )
  • Succulent plants/ hanging plants (I picked up these plants at Aldi for $1.98.. you gotta love Aldi!)
  • Twine (you may use any string, but it should be able to hold the plant it is in. I bought mine at Dollar Tree and three spools came in the package… so the twine really only cost 33 cents! Win!!)
  • Safety Pin (I bought a pack from Dollar Tree about three years ago so no cost to me)
  • Nails, screws, or hooks (I had some wood screws hanging around the house soooo you guessed it – no cost on my end!)

    Total Cost: a little LESS than $7!!!!


 I followed the directions to a T from Growing Spaces . They had made some adjustments to their steps, as I will too… the more information the better! Right?
  1. Measure 8 lengths of string and tie them all together in a knot at one end.
  2. Separate them into pairs, and knot each pair together, around 1 inch from the big knot at the end.
    – After knotting the strings together at the first step, I found it difficult to make the fishnet pattern. The strings kept on moving on me, therefore, I encourage you to use a safety pin and secure the large knot to something you can work from. I used my felted ottoman made by Acorn Hook.

    safety pin for hanging plats

  3. Once all four pairs have been knotted together, knot one string from one pair with a string from the adjacent pair (I left about 1 inch to an 1 1/2 from the last knot), to create a zigzag effect. I repeated this twice, creating what looks almost like a fishnet.
  4. Sit the plant pot onto the big knot at the bottom, bring up all the lengths of string around the pot and tie in a knot at the very top, which can loop over the hook.

hanging plants close up

Benefits and Disadvantages


  • Little money:
    • The project can cost you little to no money. You can change the size of plants, and this could vary how much you spend.
  • Not time-consuming:
    • To create one of these hangers, it only was about 15 minutes and this was when I didn’t know what I was doing. When I knew what I was doing I probably created it within 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Easy:
    • I would rate this as a very easy project and anyone can create their own in-home garden if they so choose!


  • Knotts seem to have a mind of their own:
    • I had some trouble is getting the knots to line up with one another, but I found out that it didn’t matter much in the end because I can adjust the length of each string to balance the pot in the holder once I was done.
  • Difficulty in knotting after the first knot, but this was fixed after using the safety pin.

Hanging plants view 1

 After completing this project, I would rate it as an A! I am glad I had a great site to work off of, so good job Growing Spaces! When you complete this creation, let me know how it went! I’d love to hear what changes you made, or send a picture in the comments below.

-Sending Lots of Love, Lenzil

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