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He Created The Surroundings

He Created The Surroundings Posted on July 6, 2017Leave a comment

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Do you ever wonder if you need to be looking harder for God, or that you may just have a hard time finding Him? I certainly have and until today’s time spent with God, I did not think it was possible for me to actually experience His greatness on a daily basis…

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I have finished the book of Genesis and I am very excited to say that I have entered the book of Exodus. Needless to say, there is going to be a LOT of action happening in this book. Exodus immediately jumps into the story of Egypt and the Hebrews’ slavery, which was great because honestly I never knew what happened…
   (p.s. Joseph was favored by a Pharaoh, but he passed away and one of his sons, who did not know of Joseph and the great things he did for Egypt, felt inferior to him. So, the new Pharaoh created laws and regulations that made the Hebrew people do hard labor for the Egyptian people and things escalated from there.)
As I was reading I was asking God to be revealed in how He works. I honestly doubted that anything would happen because I have grown up hearing the story of Moses, but not reading it. So, I felt challenged, but a challenge is just another opportunity to grow.
So, I kept reading and after chapter 2 I felt… nothing. But, someone had told me that God’s works are hidden all throughout the Bible’s text and therefore you may need to keep reading or go back and reread. So, I took the advice and read on to chapter 3…

7-13-16 scripture excerpt

God calls to us from things that catch our eyes…


Just as I was going to give up on God, God chose not to give up on me. I started to read chapter 3 and not one sentence in and I am hit with a revelation.
In Exodus 3:1-3 it states:
Mounatins with scripture
In the scripture it exaplains that Moses was just walking outside tending to his flock and all of a sudden he notices something out in the distance. If I were Moses, this situation would not have happened to me. For those who know me completely understand when I say that sometimes in life I have “unintentional blinders on”, or “selective attention.” (Hopefully I am not the only one who this happens to…) Now, this does not mean that I shouldn’t be more observant, especially when my “blinders” can cause a serious accident, but certain beauties of this world bring me great joy, as I am sure different beauties bring others great joy.
So, in all of this, what struck me was that God knew Moses and He used Moses’ surroundings that appealed to him to recognize the amazing beauty and power of God. God used what He had in order to help Moses notice Him.
This brings such comfort to me because God made me who I am for a reason – unintentional blinders and all! God will continually meet me where I am, by using the things in life that do make me look. He will use what I love to lead me to Him, I just need to delight in what He has provided me.
So, I encourage you to continue to take comfort in what makes you – you. Delight in the things that you love and continue your love for the Lord. For He will always lead you to Him.
Have you ever experienced God today? What was put in your path to help recognize him? If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you, just email or reply down below!
-Sending lots of love. Lenzil

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