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The Good AND The Bad

The Good AND The Bad Posted on July 6, 2017Leave a comment

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Background info: each morning I sit down and read a devotion out of “A Spiritual – Lifting Devotional Daily Guideposts” this one, in particular, is from 2015…. i.e. devotions never go out of style 😉.Placeholder Image

Today both the devotional and the reading came to the same conclusion – God is with us even in the bad times.

In Genesis 39 Joseph (Jacob’s first son to Rachel) had very jealous brothers and didn’t like that he was blessed with good things by God. Therefore they sold him to an Egyptian King…I believe that would normally suffice as a terrible incident, but listen it gets better.

After a while, the Pharoah’s wife became infatuated with Joseph. She begged him to sleep with her. Joseph was a good guy though and didn’t sleep with her. Needless to say, she was very angry that someone shot her down (which I’d assume no one would shoot the Egyptian Queen down), and she staged the scene to make it look like Joseph had tried to sleep with her.

Due to this Joseph was thrown into jail! Now I believe THIS would certainly constitute as bad luck…. right? Instead, the Bible states that God was with him. Even in the bad times God protected him, provided for him, and loved him.

When he was sold to the Egyptians he was protected by God by blessing everything Joseph touched. This happened so much so that the king took notice of it and gave Joseph command over the king’s personal belongings….. Let’s get this straight… The very powerful Pharaoh gave Joseph command over the king’s personal things. Over everyone else, the king chose a slave – a prisoner to watch HIS things. Sounds pretty ironic to me…

THEN after the Queen’s dramatic display of crazy, this caused an innocent man to be thrown into jail, but that’s ok because Joseph was put in charge of all the prisoners!

A man… who was charged with “trying to sleep with the queen”, and not just any queen, but The Queen is given the punishment of holding a station of authority…. what?

Now, the Bible doesn’t state that he was lucky (he was sold into slavery and thrown into jail… that’s not luck), but it does say that through all of this God was with him. Joseph didn’t fail to follow his one true leader. He didn’t follow the Egyptian King who was giving him earthly comforts or succumb to the beautiful Egyptian Queen. No, instead he denied the wife and said, “How could I violate his [Pharaoh’s] trust and sin against God?”

In all this let’s remember that the good times will come followed by bad times. I say this just as much to myself as I say it to you – don’t fail to follow. Continue in giving the good AND bad things up to God and He will be with you forever and always.

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