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Thank you for visiting the modern miracle page! This is a place where you can get a boost of energy from miracles that happen in our everyday lives. There’s never too much goodness to go around, so please leave me your miracle in the comment section below so that we can share the goodness together!


My Miracle…

I was expecting our first child and my husband and I’s little 1 1/2 bedroom apartment just was going to be a little tight. We found an awesome house in a fantastic neighborhood for an outstanding price, so naturally, we sealed the deal. While living in the tiny apartment we had begged our landlord about 3 times yearly to allow us to have a small dog, well now that we owned our house we went and got ourselves a sweet little doggie. Then, my poor husband was in a car accident and the driver had totaled my husband’s car, so inevitably we had to get him a new vehicle.

At the time I was working as a private school teacher and my husband was a network admin. Dealing with school loans and house bills we knew exactly what we could afford and what we couldn’t afford. We knew to the dollar what would work for us and what wouldn’t and that was great! We had great control over every detail in our lives up to this point, but this control came to an end.

I had my yearly review and was showered with praise saying, “You’ve really fit in here and done so well!” I was so happy to hear this I started to tell the principal my plans for the next school year and what I’d like to improve in my practices, so when I heard, “Lenzil, I’m sorry, but we don’t have a position for you next year… our enrollment is down and we just can’t move people around.” I was devasted! Our control that we had, had been completely ripped from our hands!

So, here we were, a new baby, new house, new puppy, new car, house bills, and school loans… all things that needed to be paid for and with what money…???

So, my very supportive husband decided that he would start looking for jobs immediately. We thought naively that it would be extremely easy for him to land another job because where we live the unemployment for IT jobs was and still is less than 1%. So, we’d look for a week or so and then get a phone call back. Well, 2 and a half months later, quickly approaching the date of when my teaching job payments would stop coming in we still hadn’t had a callback… As Asa was hunting tirelessly, my job was to pray tirelessly… and that I did. Prayers filled with screams, tears, and lots and LOTS of fears.

I can remember exactly where I was, exactly what the day was like and the exact feeling of heaviness weighing me down, but just as I sat down with my mom I got my miracle call…He had landed a job and not just any job, but the EXACT job that he wanted. Asa told me all about the details and what he will be doing and who he’ll be working with. I was so excited for him, but a question still hung over me like dead weight and I asked, “So, what are they going to pay?” Asa just chuckled.. maybe because he knew he should have started with that, but as Asa told me I could feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders…. his salary, completely to the dollar, completed what I use to make at my old job.

Because of that miracle, I am now able to stay at home with my little girl and I was able to start this blog. Now, I still struggle with wanting to control everything, but this is just one miracle that shows me that I am not the center of it all. Do YOU have a story you can share with everyone? If you do, please leave me a comment in the comments section below. I’d love to hear how your everyday miracle unfolded for you.




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